Two grams of Top-shelf HHC infused flower packed by hand into the beautiful, slow-burning kingsize kingpalms, ready to smoke! 

What is a Kingpalm? More Below!

Cordia Palm Leaf Cone

Our pre-rolled cones are crafted from the leaves of the Cordia palm tree. The leaves are sustainably harvested before being hand-rolled for you. The leaves burn slow and smooth, imparting only a subtle flavor that sits well with the natural aromas of your smoke. No glues or dyes are used anywhere in our wraps. Each leaf cone comes pre-fitted with an all-natural corn husk filter tip. This provides unparalleled stability and support—our filter tips are nothing like the paper tips you may be used to. 

Better Materials

Our leaf cones feature vast improvements over the traditional wrap. Most notably, King Palm’s products are 100% tobacco-free. When puffing on a King Palm leaf cone, you are able to taste your smoke without the harshness of tobacco getting in the way. And there’s a cherry on top: no rolling is necessary! 

HHC is not THC and is legal in all 50 states. Produced in the USA. Lab Tested.


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Gas asf

James Scott on 2nd May 2022

Smoked only a quarter and was on my ass for 5 hours. This is easily some of the best I've had