dsc04271.jpgShmacked is dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality top shelf products that are available on the market today. Shmacked was founded in 2021 by our CEO Jay Chase. During Jay’s senior year he found out he had severe ADHD and OCD. This had not been caught earlier because he had been home-schooled throughout his elementary school years so it fell through the cracks. His mother, Sara, used techniques like a yoga ball while he did his school work and breaks that included running around the outside of the house in order to keep his mind sharp and focused on his assignments. In the 5th grade he went back to school, because he was very bright, excelling in both science and math, no one noticed the very common symptoms.

Once he was diagnosed the doctors did what doctors do and the put him on the normal ADHD medications came with the normal side effects. Once Jay turned 18, he applied for his medical marijuana card. He was amazed at how the symptoms that plagued him all his life were relieved, and he did not need to rely on the medications that he was prescribed. Jay decided from that very first time trying cannabis that this is a miracle plant and that it should be in the hands of anyone who needs it. He knew right away that the community he grew up in his entire life a small town in central Florida, as well as the entire nation, could absolutely benefit from this wonderful plant, like he did. It was at this point, Jay decided to found Shmacked.

Jay had offers from many prestigious universities in the state of Florida. In the end he turned down Florida State University, University of South Florida and St. Leo University and applied to Learn Sativa, one of the most renown cannabis schools in the nation. He graduated with his Associates degree and completed the full program at Learn Sativa within 8 months of graduating High School. He graduated with Advanced Business Training, with certificates in Dispensary Management, Advance Grow, and Advanced Extraction.

If you know Jay, or have met him at an event you’ll know that he does like things to be perfect, and that does flow directly into his products. Shmacked works in partnership with farmers across the nation in order to provide our customers the highest quality products available. We have stringent guidelines when it comes to quality and we will never stray from that vision. It was Jay’s vision to be an advocate for the legalization of Cannabis and we are heavy advocates for that effort. Every day we are looking from start to finish Jay and Shmacked are committed to this culture, the industry and most importantly the people who desperately need this life saving plant.  

If you would like to know more or would be interested in becoming a partner, wholesaler, or just helping support the journey feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you!